"Waiting for the Flood" LP / coloured

"Waiting for the Flood" LP / coloured

Samsara Blues Experiment

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Samsara Blues Experiment's " Waiting for the Flood"

Four tracks and almost 50-minutes long "Waiting For The Flood" easily exceeds expectations. The third outing by German psych rockers Samsara Blues Experiment is their most balanced and harmoniously driven yet. 18-months in the making and averaging 10-minutes per track, the record combines the best of the group's two previous studio albums while drifting further into mid '70s prog rock.

LP on blue vinyl

Samsara Blues Experiment / World in Sound Records


01. Shringara

02. Waiting for the Flood

03. Don't Belong

04. Brahmin's Lament


Date of release 2013 .

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