"The Great White Dope" LP (white)

"The Great White Dope" LP (white)

Sun & Sail Club

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Sun & Sail Club - "The Great White Dope"

Sun & Sail Club consist of Bob Balch (Fu Manchu guitarist), Scott Reeder (Fu Manchu drummer / Kyuss bassist) & punk legend Tony Brandenburg)

Format: LP on white vinyl


A1 Krokodil Dental Plan
A2 Dresden Firebird Freakout
A3 Baba Yoga Bastard Patrol
A4 Migraine With A Chainsaw Reduction
A5 Level Up, Shut It Down
B1 Fever Blister And The Great White Dope
B2 Full Tilt Panic
B3 Alien Rant Factory
B4 Inside Traitor, Outside View
B5 Cypherpunk Roulette


Satin Records 2015

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