"The Flying Eyes" LP

"The Flying Eyes" LP

The Flying Eyes

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The Flying Eyes "The Flying Eyes"


Self-titled debut release, a compilation of the band's first two EPs "Bad Blood" and "Winter".
The release is also known as "Bad Blood & Winter".

Tracks A1 to A5 - Part A: Bad Blood
Tracks B1 to B5 - Part B: Winter




Part A: Bad Blood
A1 Lay With Me  
A2 Better Things  
A3 Bad Blood  
A4 Don't Point Your God At Me  
A5 She Comes To Me  
  Part B: Winter
B1 We Are Not Alive  
B2 Red Sheets  
B3 Around The Bend  
B4 Winter  
B5 King Of Nowhere
World In Sound Records 2009.

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