"The Birth Of Sol" 2LP

"The Birth Of Sol" 2LP

Yawning Man

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Yawning Man - "The Birth Of Sol"

1986 Demo Tapes
Format: Double LP on white vinyl


A1 Tuff Dude
A2 Dots, Lines And Mesh
A3 Faith Cakes
A4 Devil's Ladder
A5 Sour Glaze
A6 Kone Of Meet
A7 Menso
A8 Sinkhole
B2 Fires Of Papas Chile
B3 Saucey And Saggy
B4 Paseo Lindo
B5 Change For A Beggar
B6 Bet I'll Six
C1 Sweet Nugget
C2 Saco
C3 Three Legged Table
C4 Pheasant Under Glass
D1 Catamaran
D2 Deaf Conductor
D3 Crack, Harden, Dry
D4 Friends Of Me
D5 The Lonely Rancher
D6 Moroccan Stash

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