"Long Distance Trip" 2LP

"Long Distance Trip" 2LP

Samsara Blues Experiment

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Samsara Blues Experiment's " Long Distance Trip"

This is the first full-length album of the Berlin-based heavy-psych quartet.

For the celebration of their 5th anniversary the first "cult-album" of Berlin´s heavy psych monument Samsara Blues Experiment (SBE), will now be released as a double album containing the track "Center Of The of Sun" (which was not included on the first vinyl edition due to excessive length). With a supernatural and organic flow they create an individual spirit, at first glance it does not appear as anything new, it´s that rather oldfashioned kind of Heavy Psychedelic Rock, but you´ll be blasted by the full load of passion and the warm and epic atmosphere which fills every song.

The LP contains 2 black 180gr vinyls,

Samsara Blues Experiment / Worl in Sound Records


01. Singata Mystic Queen

02. Army of Ignorance

03. For the lost Souls

04. Center of the Sun

05. Wheel of Life

06. Double Freedom

Date of release 2010 .

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