"Lights from Paradise" LP

"Lights from Paradise" LP

Quest for Fire

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Quest For Fire are Toronto's most beloved psych rockers. Fusing hard space rock with the plodding primitive thud of fuzzed out garage. Quest For Fire set out with pure undeniable power to create their own take on classic rock and psychedelia. On August 31st Tee Pee Records will release the bands sophomore LP "Lights From Paradise". The album combines beautiful, dreamy hard rock, Spaceman 3 drone and psychedelic swirl.


01. The Greatests Hits by God

02. Set Out Alone

03. Strange Vacation

04. Confusion's Home

05. In The Place of a Storm

06. Psychic Season

07. Hinterland Who's Who

08. Sessions of Light

format :LP Black Vinyl

Label : Teepee Records

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