"How Do We Want To Live?" 2LP + CD

"How Do We Want To Live?" 2LP + CD

Long Distance Calling

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Long Distance Calling - "How Do We Want To Live?"

Format: 2LP on black vinyl + CD


A1 Curiosity (Part 1)
A2 Curiosity (Part 2)
A3 Hazard
B4 Voices
B5 Fail / Opportunity
B6 Immunity
C7 Sharing Thoughts
C8 Beyond Your Limits
D9 True / Negative
D10 Ashes
CD-1 Curiosity (Part 1)
CD-2 Curiosity (Part 2)
CD-3 Hazard
CD-4 Hazard
CD-5 Fail / Opportunity
CD-6 Immunity
CD-7 Sharing Thoughts
CD-8 Beyond Your Limits
CD-9 True / Negative
CD-10 Ashes


2020 Inside Out Music

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